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Psychologist, also bearing her name as her own brand Safih Quelbèrt Designe, since 1993 she has being working the internal/emotional side of each client, as therapist, and as well as the outside, promoting art through her photography.

In 2021 she startet to win several contests all over Europe, UK, USA, and in also many other countries (as you can check on the Exhibition menu) havingher photos exhibited in many galleries, now launching her 2nd book "My Naked True" sharing her trajectory as well as all the photos released, available to purchase here or at Amazon

Her main goal is to inspire the beauty side of simple things, also  bringing  another view or perspective of the art in general under her accurate view. 

Currently traveling to always bring new photos to her audience, participating in contests, also working as Model of her own photos. (You can check little bit more about her work at Instagram or Gurushots.)

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